Depending on the year fuse boxes became of an importance to you, you may have never noticed a car with one fuse box. I will start this article with a brief historical introduction then get down to the business of one versus two fuse boxes.

Most car manufactured in the US, or are of an American brand at one point only had one fuse box. As a matter of fact, up until late 1980s the aforementioned cars had only one fuse box inside the car. On the other side of the ocean, the Japanese and European rivals had started to use 2 fuse panels almost a decade earlier.

Now days almost every car is designed and manufactured with 2 fuse boxes or panels, one inside the car, and another under the hood. Even though a specific fuse may be under the hood in a car, it may be inside the car in another. However, the general rule is that the interior panel includes fuses for the headlights, heater, radio, windows, seats, defroster, sun roof etc. in other words the interior panel is going to have fuses related to the bells and whistles of the car. On the other hand the panel or box under the hood normally facilitates engine related fuses, such as the ignition, injectors, fuel pump, braking system etc.

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They had added a fuse box under the hood for engine related circuits. Back then the American manufactures were protecting the high amperage circuits by using special pieces of wires called fusible links. These wires were designed to melt upon experiencing an overload.
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