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When it comes to transmission repair, you're probably not going to find many non-mechanics who know much about the subject. It isn't an area of importance for today's driver. In the 70s and back, people were expected to know about their cars. They might not have the wherewithal to fix every problem, but they could at least hold an intelligent conversation about the possibility. Today, things are different. We count on the mechanic to fix the car if things go awry and beyond that, we don't want to know. If you'd like to get back to the basics and learn what's going on under the hood, here are some of the answers to your most pressing questions.

How much to repair a leak?
This is probably the number one transmission repair question on many a mind. When people realize they have a leak (usually by noticing a distinguished pool of red liquid on their driveway when they back out), they know they are probably in for a wallet emptying.

Does a leak need to be fixed immediately?
The short answer is: it depends. Transmission repair is always best done as soon as possible. But people are busy and these things take time. It can be an inconvenience to have your car in the shop when you have things to do. Maybe you don't have the money right now for expensive work. How long can you drive without getting it fixed? If the fluid loss is minor (a drip here and there), you're going to be fine as long as you keep an eye on your levels. If it's a major leak, however, you're taking a real chance by not getting it into the shop as soon as you can.
How long should a new transmission last?
Another difficult question to answer. Obviously, the amount of time you spend driving the car will have a big influence on how long it lasts. Then again, few car experts would argue that there is a direct one-to-one correlation between mileage and transmission repair. Again, it depends. But as long as you aren't saddled with a lemon and you keep up with regular maintenance, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to get a substantial amount of time out of all components under the hood.

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Transmission Repair: Your Questions Answered
by Alfred Ardis
Of course, there is no real answer to the question. A lot of it will depend on where exactly the leak is emanating from. A leak can originate from a number of different areas. The pump, the throttle cable, the pan, and the shift lever are but a few. Until a mechanic can get under there and determine what needs to be fixed, estimating the cost is impossible.
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