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In the world of automotives, there is a sink or swim mentality. And more often than not, fledgling car companies sink, due to the volatile market. Automotive customers are slow to accept a new brand of cars, and most brands go belly up before long. Enter Scion, introduced a mere six years ago at the New York Auto Show to critical acclaim. Scion has been able to buck the trend, as a branch under the Toyota name, and has turned its two concept vehicles into a successful automotive brand.

At first, Scions were only available in 105 Toyota dealerships across the country. Slowly but surely, the brand expanded to include most of the country, including Scion dealerships in Utah and across the West. Scion's mission statement deals with having an economical price, lots of options and great performance wrapped up in one single forward thinking designed car.

The Scion was originally introduced to cater to the needs of the 'Y' Generation, meaning that the car is stylish with a lot of features, and the prices were low and easy to comprehend. Through this formula, Scion has been able to attract the same kind of success as seen by the Saturn and Geo car companies, also engineered to cater towards a younger crowd.

Scion dealerships in Utah are worth a second look if you're planning on making a car purchase soon. Though Scion is a fairly new car brand, it's proved during the last six years, through its stylish cars and ethical business practices, that it has the staying power for the future.

Brent Brown Automotive Group ( ) is a premier Scion dealership in Utah. Choose from a wide selection of Scion, Ford, Chevy, Chrysler, Jeep vehicles and much more.
Article Source:
Scion - The Little Car Company That Could
By Billings Farnsworth
Scion Repair Manual