The Lincoln Brand has been one of the Ford Motor Company family of vehicles for many years. Here some interesting facts about Lincolns that you might not know.

1. The brand was named after Abraham Lincoln. President Lincoln was much admired by the founder Henry Leland. Leland was very much interested in the history of the Civil War due to the current World War hostilities in the 1910s.

2. The Lincoln Company started out as an aircraft builder. Started in 1915, it built Liberty Aircraft engines for World War I using cylinders supplied by Henry Ford's Company. Leland wanted to contribute to winning World War I.

After the war ended, the company converted to manufacturing luxury cars. Leland was not successful and went bankrupt where upon his company was bought by Henry Ford in 1922 from bankruptcy court. Henry Ford felt this was justice severed as Leland had pushed him out of his second car company, Henry Ford Company, which later became Cadillac when bought by General Motors.

4. Starting in the late 1920s and 1930s, Ford contracting the Lincoln model out to coach builders Fleetwood, Derham, and Dietrich leading to limos, cabriolet and town cars. Henry Ford designed the first town car or limo to allow himself to be chauffeured to his factories. Once built, Ford received requests to build more models of the town car.

5. Ford was not successful at selling a luxury model until they purchased Lincoln. Lincoln was so successful Ford did not modify the car for a number of years. When they did, the changes made were designed by Edsel Ford.

7. The Lincoln Town Car is built at St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada. The Lincoln MKX and MKT is built at Oakville, Ontario, Canada. In September 2011, Ford intends to idle the St. Thomas plant. Car sales in the United States are still at 70 of pre-recession levels. Canadian sales are at the 90 percent level.

8. Ford started building cars in Canada in 1904 with the Model C. Ford originally began building car in Canada to export them to the British empire. Henry Ford wanted to beat paying the tariff. 90 percent of the Lincolns built in Canada are now sold to the North American car market, mostly the United States and Canada.

9. Architect Frank Lloyd Wright called the Lincoln Continental "the most beautiful car every made." This car was a leading luxury car for over 20 years. Its only rival was the Cadillac in the United States.

The 2000 Lincoln LS earned Motortrend's Car of the Year. The car won for its exceptional interior, comfortable ride and economical engine. This Lincoln was a remodel due to the need for increased safety and gas mileage.
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Some Interesting Facts On Lincoln Cars
by Samantha Leary
6. Lincolns became the primary car used by U.S. Presidents through President Reagan. President Reagan was entering a Lincoln when he was shot and President Kennedy was also in a Lincoln when he was assassinated. Kennedy's car is now in the Henry Ford Museum.