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How to Install an Ignition Distributor

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This is a walk through information page on how to install an ignition distributor. If you need any auto parts for this installation please contact us at and check out our other instructions on


  1. Mark the position of the rotor prior to removal of the distributor. This will aid in installing the replacement unit into the proper position.
  2. Install the replacement distributor so the rotor points in the same place.
  3. Compare the original distributor to the replacement unit. Pay special attention to the area below the flange. Check all dimensions!
  4. Lubricate the o-ring before inserting the distributor into the engine to prevent bent pins.
  5. Be sure not to force the distributor into the engine or use a bolt to pull it into the block! Damage to the distributor and/or engine may occur.
  6. Inspect all components (spark plugs, wires, etc) in the ignition system for wear and/or corrosion. Replace as necessary.


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