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Transmission Repair Topics:
Manual Transmission Fluid
Transmission Repair Topics:
The first step will be to warm up the engine's drive train thoroughly - this means you will have to drive the vehicle for at least 20 minutes.
Once you have driven the vehicle enough to warm the transmission to its normal operating temperature, raise the vehicle for ease of access
Once the vehicle is raised, crawl under and locate and remove transmission oil fill plug.  That's right - the fill plug.  You want to ensure that you will be able to fill the transmission once you have drained it, so it is a good idea to make sure you can remove the fill plug before draining the transmission.
To aid you in locating the transmission fill plug, consult your factory workshop manual or look for a bolt on the side of your transmission.
Next, locate the transmission oil drain plug.
To aid you in locating the transmission drain plug, consult your factory workshop manual or look for a large bolt near the bottom of your transmission.
Once you have located the drain plug, place an oil catch basin beneath the drain plug.
With an adequately sized oil catch basin in place, remove the drain plug and allow the oil to drain completely.
Caution:  The transmission oil should (will) be very hot at this point.  Keep this in mind when you remove the drain plug bolt.
With the drain plug removed, inspect the top side for large pieces of metal or other debris.  Generally, transmissions will see some wear which will be indicated by a fine metallic paste which will be held to the drain plug by the magnet within. 
Fine particles are to be expected - large metal deposits may indicate impending transmission failure.

After a visual inspection, clean the drain plug of any remaining debris or metal particles.  Be sure to clean the threads well.
While you clean the drain plug, don't forget to clean the transmission fill plug as you did the drain plug.

Once the drain plug is clean, place a new crush washer over the threads to ensure a proper seal upon reinstallation.
Once all of the transmission fluid has been drained, replace the drain plug. Be sure to observe factory torque specifications when tightening the drain plug bolt.
With the fill plug removed, begin filling the transmission with the required volume of transmission fluid.