To keep up with your vehicles maintenance it is very important to keep up with a couple things. You want to make sure you take care of your vehicle because if you don't it will not last as long as it should. You can run your vehicle a long way if you keep up with your vehicle's maintenance. There are a few things that you need to take care of and change every so often. One of these things is your car's battery. Changing your car's battery is something everyone has to do. All vehicles are different and need different batteries. If your car has been running funny and it isn't easy for it to start you may need to change the battery. Not sure how to change your vehicle's battery? Read below and you will learn how to do it yourself in no time.

Step by step instructions for changing your car's battery:

1.First of you all you will want to think about recycling your car's dead battery. Recycling is a great thing to do.
2.Now make sure your vehicle is turned off and that your car is in park.
3.Lift your car's hood and look for the battery.
4.Once you've spotted the battery you will want to disconnect the cable terminals.
5.Not sure what the cable terminals are? Look for the cables that are black and red (negative and positive).
6.Now you want to dismantle the bracket or frame that holds the battery into position.
7.Once you've dismantled them, your battery shouldn't be tied down. You should be able to take out your car's battery.
8.Once you see your cable terminals, you can determine whether they are dirty or dusty. If they are you will want to wipe them with water, a wire brush and baking soda.
9.Take a wire brush and graze the inside of the cable terminal. You will want to do this because once you place the new battery in the spot you want to expose the new cables to clean metal instead of dirty.
10.Now place the battery into your vehicle. Make sure you connect the negative and positive cables to the battery. (Note: If they can move easily they aren't tight enough.)
11.You should be all set. To test your new battery, turn on your vehicle and see if it starts. If it doesn't star t the first time just go through the steps again and see what mistakes were made.

Changing your vehicle's car battery is very easy. Changing a battery may sound intimidating but it is really easy. When your vehicle acts up most people just take it to the shop regardless. You want to avoid doing this because you can save a ton of money and learn a few things.

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By Tom Tessin
Benefits for learning how to change your vehicles battery: You don't have to worry about any inconvenience that comes with changing your car's battery. You don't need to take it to the shop and follow the hours that the auto mechanics have. Also you can save a ton of money by learning how to do it yourself.
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