Reasons Behind Brake Squealing

Why Brakes Make Noise

When buying a car, a customer chooses that which is physically good, mechanically fine, and smooth to drive. The third criterion means the engine must yield smooth transition and when braking, everything goes smoothly and quietly. One problem that goes along with the brake system, if not properly maintained, is brake squealing.

It is a very common problem which might not only affect your car but it might also end up giving you headaches each time you drive due to the noise it gives. Although most of the times brake squealing is due to the brake pad, there are several other reasons which might cause the problem and you should start by finding out what it is in order to be able to fix it.

Problems that can cause brakes to squeal that might be more complex and not so easy o fix. Among these problems are misaligned calipers, loose calipers, pads incorrectly sized, glazed rotors, glazed pads and warped rotors. If you find out that your brake pads are correctly in position and are doing just fine and the brakes squealing is not caused by those pads, you should consult a mechanic unless you are able to find which other problem could be the cause.

Among the other several reasons could be, in the case of your Volkswagen car, the VW brake hoses. Your car’s hoses see to it that vital fluids keep circulating in the engine parts for optimum performance. And these fluids must be kept flowing.

As a special type of flexible tube, VW brake hose transcends precise flow of brake fluid. It features high grade and is made under durable construction to address extreme heat and pressure understanding the necessity for its efficient service. While the brake booster amplifies the amount of force you applied on the brakes to compress pressure, a vacuum is created through the VW brake hose. It facilitates pressure buildup which is eventually used to deliver other components to grip onto the rotating disc brakes and overcome the force with huge amount of compression and friction.

If you want to check your brake pads in order to find out if they are where brake squealing comes from, you should start by visually checking them by yourself in order to notice if they show equal wear and do not look broken in any way. This is one way of cost cutting. Then, if the pads show an unequal wear or show excessive wear, it means it is time to change them.

If your car brakes are squealing and you also hear other noises such as clunky noises along with the squealing, you should consult a mechanic as soon as possible since it could mean that there is a generalized problem in the braking system. You and your passengers’ lives may also be at risk.

Aside from this, you should also have to take into account that there are some other ways in which to reduce the brakes squealing. One way is by installing brake pad vibration damper pads, which are meant for this problem and would be very helpful against reducing the noise.

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