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The fuel pump and injector are vital to keeping your car running well. If your fuel pump and injector don't operate properly then you will issues with driving and emission. A fuel pump that is simply weak during operation will cause issues with the calibration of your fuel system. As a result you will have problems such as hard starting, poor idle quality, hesitation or stumbling when you accelerate and a loss in the high speed power of your vehicle.

Electric fuel pumps will experience problems with wear after many years of continuous service. Gradual loss of pressure and flow can result from the wear on pump vanes, rollers or gears. If the inlet filter sock lets sediment or rust get by then you will also have accelerated wear. This can even cause serious problems such as overheat and burn out if the pump becomes jammed with the sediment. Lubrication and cooling of the fuel pump only occurs when fuel is passing through it.

If you start having problems with your fuel pump then the first thing you should do is check the voltage supply and the electrical connections. You may simply just need to replace a fuse or loose wire. However, if everything is fine then you will need to run a measuring static output pressure and fuel delivery test to check the ability of the pump to deliver fuel. If your pump is not meeting manufacturer's requirements after these test then you will need to replace the entire fuel pump.

When replacing your fuel pump always remember to disconnect the battery to prevent unwanted sparks during the replacement process. And always remember to drain the tank first. Before putting in a new fuel pump it is always a good idea to also replace the filter screen and use new o-ring and gaskets.

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