Spark Plug Blow Outs.
Ford has had a problem with the spark plug threads not holding spark plugs in their 4.6, 5.4 and 6.8 engines for awhile now. The aluminum heads have about five threads holding the spark plugs in place. If the threads fail the spark plug will eject, when it blows out it can break the ignition coil that is positioned over each plug. Ford does not recommend repairing the threads, they would rather the entire cylinder head be replaced with a head from Ford. Beware of purchasing a rebuilt head due to blowouts being so common, chances are the rebuilt head may have a repair insert that may not hold. Machine shops commonly use Heli-coils for repairing damaged or missing threads, however Heli-Coils are not the best repair in this instance.

Broken Spark Plugs.

?Ford has redesigned the cylinder head on the 5.4 engines used in Ford trucks, Expeditions, Mustangs etc. unfortunately the new design has a different problem. When removing the spark plugs in these newer 5.4 Ford engines the spark plug can break leaving a sleeve in the spark plug hole. The threaded part comes out but the remaning portion stays behind and can be a real nightmare to extract. Ford has made a removal tool kit, the Rotunda 303-1203 for removing the spark plug sleeve when this break occurs. The Rotunda 303-1203 is a specialty tool that has been in huge demand from many unsuspecting repair shops that were performing regular maintenance on their customer's vehicles. The Ford TSB describes how to try to prevent the break, although the procedure yields less than desirable results.
The Ford Rotunda 303-1203 automotive specialty tool can be used to remove this poorly designed plug.
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Ford Spark Plug Problems - Spark Plugs Broken and Blowing Out
By Dennis Bandy
The Heli-Coil is a thin coil that can fail due to the stress of cylinder compression and the fact that only a few threads are used to secure the spark plug. For more information on this Ford spark plug problem and the best specialty insert tool kit that is far superior to the Heli-Coil method,.
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