One of the best automobile producers in history, Ford, was established and incorporated in 1903. With a starting $28,000 investment from investors, including Horace and John Dodge, who were later founders of the Dodge Brothers Motor Vehicle Company, Henry Ford was 40 years old when he founded Ford Motor Company. It became one of the world's most profitable and largest companies in the world. Currently, based on worldwide vehicle sales, Ford Motor Company is ranked as fourth largest automaker; and is also accounted as the largest company being controlled and managed continuously by a family for more than a hundred years.
The first few models were produced in Detroit, Michigan; and its entire model on the earlier years, were branded as Model A up to Model T. Model A was the first production in 1903. Earlier on, including the Model S In 1907, all vehicles were in black colour and Model S was the last right-hand drive vehicle produced. The first six-cylinder model was Model K and was dubbed at that time as "the silent cyclone" and "the gentleman's roadster".

The innovation caused a big turnover of employees in the company on 1920. It created delays in production and extra cost on trainings for new hired workers. Ford was considered to be the most generous employer at his time, by doubling the pay per day to $5, making a 5 day work a week and revising shifts from nine to eight working hours a day; this increased sales in the company in contrast to the latter negative result of the innovation to meet demands. These also instituted hiring procedures, which included hiring physically-challenged people that are not employed by other companies. The company was even criticized by Wall Street Journal for its labour practices, wherein the pay to its workers can buy its own products.
Ford expanded internationally in 1904 with Ford Canada. From 1911 onwards, Ford Motor Company expanded worldwide with its assembly plants in France, England, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Argentina, South Africa, and Australia. With the efforts to pacify the World War I, Henry Ford joined the peace mission that lead to his increased popularity. The Model T where used as vehicles for the Allied military forces. The oval trademark of Ford was first carried by the 1928 Model A vehicle. Introduced in 1907, there has been an early version of the oval badge before designers knew it until later as Pantone 294C, the dark blue background that can be found on the oval. It has an exact ratio of 8:3 as it has evolved today.

And the rest they say, is history. Well,
Ford history that is. The amazing cars and technology produced and inspired by Ford since the late 1920's has pushed the world's pace all the way into the 20th century. Ford continues to be on the forefront of American automakers and is quickly gaining ground in it's attempt to reclaim the small car market from foreign manufacturers. What's next for FoMoCo? Only time will tell.
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Code P0460 (fuel sending unit malfunction) is present despite changing the fuel-sending unit in the fuel tank. The fuel gage in the dash panel was also replaced but still the same result.

Basic Concept:

The only component that was not mentioned here in the fuel gage circuit is the flexible fuel sensor module. This part also control your fuel level indicator. This part has to be tested including the wires in between.

Repair Strategy:

Contact ATS to locate and test the flexible fuel sensor module and replace if necessary. Also check the wires for proper ground and continuity using ATS wiring diagram for this circuit supplied by ATS. Reset the code after performing all the repairs.

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The History of Ford Motor Company
By Joe Hayes
It was sold for US$2,800. In 1908, Ford sold to the public the latest production after the S Model, the Model T. It turned out to be a good time for Henry Ford as the car demand grew in spectacular number. They, then moved to a larger factory, to the Highland Park Plant and as the demand grew, they have innovated to produce vehicles at a target of more than a million a year.
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