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My Car Wont Start When It Is Cold Outside
By JPitts
Some reasons your vehicle will not start when the weather is cold outside  are

Your battery is completely discharged or to low to turn over the car starter

Solution - Jump Start the car battery to start car - Replace car battery if past expiration date sticker , possible alternator problems ,check voltage when car is running to see if alternator is producing enough voltage to recharge car battery.

It is also possible that  you have a fault in the fuel or electrical system that needs attention

Solution - Clogged fuel filter, remove and check for obstructions - electrical fuses could be checked to see if they are not blown preventing fuel pump from working

If your car or truck is equipped with a carburetor your carburetor may be in need of an overhaul

Solution - Usually shows up prior to cold weather with previous starting problems, rebuild and replace as neccessary

Your distributor "if it has one " is damaged or has carbon tracks on the electrodes preventing it from working

Solution - Remove distributor from vehicle and physically inspect the interior of the distributor for small hairline craks in the case - inspect the electrodes on the distributor cap for black carbon deposits preventing the electrical arc reaching the eelctrode and providing contact, scrape and clean contacts to provide a better contact for the electrical arc

Carbureted vehicles the choke can become stuck - inoperative preventing it from operatimg properly

Solution: Remove air cleaner assembly and clean/spray choke assembly to ensure proper operation.

" If the battery is low, you will notice a slow turning of the starter, this will alert you to trying this method first, if after trying to jump start you still have problems - continue to try these other methods to solve your problems.,
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