Troubleshooting Car Problems: Engine Surges While Driving

An engine surge can be the result of any number of causes

Engine surges that occur while driving can not only be startling to a driver but can be dangerous, especially in rush-hour traffic as your car suddenly lunges forward. Troubleshooting car problems these days can be akin to working on a NASA project - as cars have evolved so has the skill and knowledge to work on them properly, but there are a few basic places to look to determine why your engine surges while driving. While some of the diagnostic and repair measures are simple, there are quite a few others that require the intervention of a professional mechanic with specialized tools and equipment to facilitate a proper fix. So in reality, it's a coin-toss to see if you can repair the engine surge yourself of if your local mechanic is about to receive some new business.

Engine surges while driving can be caused by any number of common and simple to repair problems. For example, components of the ignition system such as the ignition coil, spark plugs or spark plug wires that are not operating properly can often be the culprit of an engine surge. In a similar fashion, a clogged fuel filter that does not allow fuel to flow properly to the car's engine can be the cause of an engine surge while driving. Even your car's exhaust system plays a role in creating engine surges, as a damaged catalytic converter or muffler can block emissions from exiting the car correctly and cause an engine surge while driving. While these represent the more basic reasons for an engine surge, many of these can be tended to by car owners themselves that possess moderate mechanical skills.

A few of the more technically complex reasons for engine surges while driving absolutely need to be addressed by a professional auto mechanic, mainly because they can be tricky to diagnose and repair even with significant expertise. Among these are fuel pressures that are too high going to the engine, which can be determined with the use of a fuel pressure gauge. The engine control module regulates the mixture of fuel and air to the ignition system and controls engine timing. When the engine module malfunctions professional intervention is mandatory to correct the situation. Lastly, when a clutch disc slips in a car's automatic transmission the car engine surges while driving, and a major repair may loom large on the horizon if the car is to be kept operational.

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