A/C Acts Like A Heater!
By Tommy Sessions

This is definitely air conditioner weather.

I had a customer in here last year with his a/c not putting out cold air.

I raised the hood, that always helps, and looked at the compression. The clutch wasn't turning.

I disconnected the switch at the low pressure cut- off valve and took a bent paperclip, in the shape of a horse shoe, or a "U" for those of you that never bought your horse any shoes.

I inserted both ends into the slots in the plug, and, wooden, the compressor clutch started turning.

I hooked the gauges to the a/c lines and opened the valves to read the pressure.

Pressure was fine.

I replaced the low pressure cut-off valve and the a/c cooled the vents inside the truck down to 39o.

The customer looked at me rather oddly and said, "I had it checked last week and they wanted $1200 to make it get cold."

I hope they were just giving him an estimate for a complete rebuild job, just in case it needed it.

Tommy Sessions has been in auto repair since 1970. He publishes Auto Repair Answers Newsletter so you can learn how to keep your vehicle looking new, running safely and efficiently, while you save money and time...also, learn how to avoid shop rip offs. Don't be at the mercy of the dealerships and auto repair shops...they will have more respect for you.

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